Past Event TEDxHamburg "Pause. Forward."

Sometimes it’s good to pause, and then move forward. To reconsider and then start afresh. To stop for a moment, switch off the auto-pilot, and embark on a new adventure. As people, we are always on the move and we try to live for the future, not the past. That requires us to break patterns, be open-minded and to sometimes change direction.

Our TEDxHamburg speakers do exactly that. They look at the present and see the future. They come up with ideas that are based on today’s experience and will change the way we live in the years to come. They forsee problems and try to solve them. They open up doors and set a new path. They imagine a future and then go out to make it real.

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    TED Talks Ron Finley "A Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA"

    Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA -- in abandoned lots,…

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