Andras Vamos-Goldman | Turning Justice Denied into Justice Achieved

"What if we could get closer to stopping the cycles of violence that plague so much of our planet?" As a son of parents who endured the Holocaust, Andras Vamos-Goldman has been on a mission to turn "Justice Denied" for victims of mass atrocities into "Justice Achieved". Andras’ vision is for the investigation of mass atrocities to be done as quickly and professionally as the investigation of any ordinary domestic crime.

In pursuit of this vision, Andras helped to create, and is the Executive Director of Justice Rapid Response (JRR). JRR is a standard-setting multi-stakeholder facility that recruits, trains and deploys criminal justice professionals from all over the world to investigate mass atrocities. Since becoming operational in 2009, JRR has certified over 500 professionals to its rapidly deployable roster and has supported 50 investigations of the worst crimes known to humanity. Andras’ goal is that the quality and timeliness of investigations achieved by JRR becomes the standard to which all investigations of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity are carried out. Only by getting the investigations of these crimes right, is credible accountability a possibility. And only credible accountability leads to justice for victims, deterrence for future offenders, thereby helping to break the cycle of violence.

A relentless social entrepreneur, an international lawyer and Canadian diplomat, Andras’ involvement with international criminal justice includes playing an instrumental role in the establishment of the Sierra Leone Special Court and working on the creation of International Criminal Court.  

Andras is also an Ashoka fellow.


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