TEDxHamburg "Rock the Boat" Speaker Julia Köberlein

Julia Köberlein

Driven by the desire to understand current topics in an increasingly complex world Julia keeps asking herself: which information is required and how can it be conveyed best so readers can really understand every facet? Being a designer from Munich who studied in Augsburg and Zurich, she puts the readers needs as well as the requirements of the specific content into the center. She is always eager to explore and investigate new ways of telling complex stories in the most comprehensive and comprehensible way.

Together with her interdisciplinary team she developed a software for nonlinear storytelling.  With its help she publishes the digital magazine „Der Kontext“. It covers pressing topics like „Populism“, „War in Syria“ or „Energiewende“ in monothematic issues. The magazine embraces complexity to convey the content in a playful way to fully engage the readers and their interest. Before founding the startup in 2015 she worked as an editorial designer and consultant and was awarded for her designs and concepts.

TWITTER: @juliakoeberlein | WEBSITE: www.derkontext.com


TEDxHamburg "Rock the Boat" Speaker Temi Mwale

Temi Mwale

Growing up in London, it was inequality, injustice and her initial observations of the legal system that motivated Temi to study law at the London School of Economics. Her early experiences of crime and violence propelled her to establish The 4Front Project, a youth-led social enterprise on a mission to empower young people and communities to live free from violence. Her team aim to transform the mindsets of young people by providing specialist violence interventions and a platform for young voices to demand better provisions. As Founding Director, Temi has used her education to provide legal empowerment for young people, who she teaches to analyse the social issues that affect them using a legal lens. At 21 years old, she has become a Multi-Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur and a leading voice for change in the UK. Her passion for social entrepreneurship and her uncompromising D.I.Y attitude led her to being named one of Forbes top '30 under 30' social entrepreneurs in Europe.

TWITTER: @TemiMwale / @4FrontProject | WEBSITE: www.4frontproject.org


TEDxHamburg "Rock the Boat" Speaker Bernd Roggendorf

Bernd Roggendorf

Bernd Roggendorf and his team at EIDU are driven by the strong belief that every child in the world deserves equal opportunity, including the 800 million children who live on $2 or less per day and who, despite going to school, often lack fundamental skills like reading, writing, and math.

Therefore EIDU is working on a learning platform which will enable children to teach themselves those and many other fundamental skills. The platform is optimized to work on the cheapest smartphones which will be omnipresent within a few years time. It is being developed and tested together with 3,000 preschool children and their parents and teachers in an African slum.

Before starting EIDU, Bernd co-founded Ableton and was its CTO for 13 years. Ableton helps millions of musicians all over the world to unleash their creative potential and played an important part in democratizing the production of music. The idea to start EIDU followed an 8-month trip around the world, on which Bernd lived in some of the poorest areas on our planet.

WEBSITE: www.eidu.com


TEDxHamburg "Rock the Boat" Speaker Laura Storm

Laura Storm

Laura Storm has spent the past decade bringing together individual consumers and activists with businesses, NGO’s, and policy makers around sustainable solutions. An entrepreneurial mind-set and a visionary leader, Laura most recently co-built SUSTAINIA, the global mega-brand for sustainable solutions that has helped expose hundreds of sustainable solutions to investors and millions of consumers across the world.

Laura loves new sustainable inventions, materials and business models and believes that nature is the most intelligent life force and design on our planet. Taking a holistic view of societal change, she pushes simultaneously for conscious leadership, personal well-being and a truly circular economy.

Laura is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and has been selected to join the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network as an expert in sustainable development and climate change. In 2013, she was awarded the Global Greenbiz’ “Worldchanger” award.

TWITTER: @laura_storm


TEDxHamburg "Rock the Boat" Speaker Insa Thiele-Eich

Insa Thiele-Eich



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