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In this confusing, complex and sometimes bizarre reality of ours, dreams matter more than ever. Challenges have always required people to step up, to think big, and to follow their dreams. This years TEDxHamburg will be dedicated to these dreamers - to people who imagine, invent and innovate. To those amongst us who have ambitious plans, small or big, and who are willing to reinvent the wheel to follow them through and prototype our tomorrow. Their reality is as wondrous as it is limitless. Join us to share their dreams!


  • Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen
    Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen

    Jesper K. Strange Kjeldsen is co-founder of the Danish water company “Postevand” – The Danish word for tapwater.

    People say that sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. It’s the same with water. In fact, some of the best and cleanest water is right within arm’s reach – from the tap. But what do you drink when you’re far from a tap? Postevand (Danish for tapwater) is some of the worlds best ground water, packaged in eco-friendly FSC cartons and always shipped over the shortest distance possible. Notably, Postevand asks people not to buy their product on the carton. For this, and his work against the overcrowded and blurry market of bottled water, Jesper has been awarded as Idealist of the Year 2015 in Denmark.

    LinkedIn: Jesper Krogh Strange Kjeldsen | Website: www.postevand.com

  • Annekatrin Bruenig
    Annekatrin Bruenig

    Annekatrin has studied political sciences and law and is a researcher, founder, ambassador for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a person with the vision to change the world into a better place. Annekatrin has lived in New Zealand, Australia and Japan for many years and worked for different educational institutions as well as for the UN.

    Annekatrin has the big dream to improve life conditions for all people around the world. During her studies she pursued the aim to work for the United Nations but soon she recognized that there is a huge gap between the work of the UN and its public perception and that the people do not feel included in the process. For this reason Annekatrin made up her mind to serve as a connector between the UN and the people and to inspire the latter to get involved in the solution processes.

    Annekatrin is working with students and young people in general in order to present options on how to participate. She inspires and motivates them to be the change that they wish to see in their future. Therefore Annekatrin has co-founded a cultural organization and a lab which serves as a future technology lab as well as a smart citizen lab.

    For this reason Annekatrin is a dreamer who is prototyping the future.

    LinkedIn: Annekatrin Bruenig | Website: www.artsy-lab.org/team/

  • Filippo Yakob
    Filippo Yakob

    A Forbes 30 under-30 class of 2017 honoree, Filippo Yacob is the co-founder of Primo Group, an award-winning global educational technology company that helps children learn 21st-century skills. Primo’s first product, Cubetto, is a coding robot and the most crowdfunded ed-tech invention in Kickstarter’s history. Cubetto has introduced more than 1 million children ages 3+ to coding in over 100 countries. Filippo’s latest invention, Pigzbe, is an IxDA award-winning digital pocket money system, allowing children ages 6+ and families to learn how to earn, save, budget and spend through a fun educational app, the Pigzbe Piggy Wallet™️ and their very first cryptocurrency, Wollo™️. Pigzbe will launch in summer 2019.

    Twitter: @filippo_yacob | Website: www.pigzbe.com

  • Simon Anholt
    Simon Anholt

    Simon Anholt has advised the presidents, prime ministers and governments of 55 countries during the last twenty years, helping them to engage more imaginatively and effectively with the international community, and to ‘make the world work better’.  

    He also publishes the Good Country Index, a survey that ranks countries on their contribution to humanity and the planet, and in 2016 launched the Global Vote, which enables anybody in the world to vote in the elections of other countries.

    Simon’s TED talk launching the Good Country Indexhas received 5.6 million views, and his more recent one launching the Global Vote, over a million.

    Professor Anholt is the author of five books about countries, cultures and globalisation. He is the founder and Editor Emeritus of a leading academic journal focused on public diplomacy and perceptions of places, and publishes a major global study measuring the international standing of fifty countries and fifty cities, the Anholt-IPSOS Nation Brands Index and City Brands Index.

    Twitter: @SimonAnholt | Website: www.goodcountry.org

  • Janina Lin Otto
    Janina Lin Otto

    In order to turn the food world into a better place, Janina founded Frau Ultrafrisch - a bistro and catering company for regional, self-made food in Hamburg in 2011.

    To encourage even more people to eat good fast food, she decided to develop instant meals and soups as well as breakfast bowls and ready to eat smoothie snacks in 2016. All of them are 100% natural, high-quality and delicious products sold via the German retail market and her online shop.

    Because good food develops by a good spirit, she founded the Holistic foundation together with her husband in 2018 to promote a better world in the future. As part of this the two are planning an education centre in Hamburg for life-long individual and strengths based learning.

    Besides this, they established the Cowork.rocks, a coworking space in Hamburg’s Zippelhaus that enables entrepreneurs the way into independence, through mutual exchange and rent at cost rates. Janina was born in Hamburg and studied business administration at CAU Kiel. Her thesis was dedicated to the value of food in Germany. She plans her future on a self-sufficient organic farm in the north of Hamburg.

    Website: www.ultrafrisch.de/impressum/


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