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TEDxHamburg wants to explore new territories. That means that we want to take you on a journey with us to explore insights in the latest developments and future trends in diff erent areas of social life and scientifi c advancement. This conference will be about unexpected discoveries and disruptive innovations that will change our thinking and living and will show the multiple ways how culture, art, economy and science are deeply entangled and interact today to change our living conditions in the future. This interaction suddenly creates new questions, disciplines, territories, a new consciousness that we didn‘t have before. Exploring new territories means to widen our horizon, to ask questions we didn‘t ask before, to give unexpected and surprising answers. Let‘s check out the terra incognito of our world today!


  • Rose Wang
    Rose Wang

    Rose is the co-founder and CEO of Six Foods, an organization that is normalizing insects as a more sustainable protein. Rose worked in strategy and marketing at Nutraclick and Microsoft. In college, Rose managed HSA Cleaners and The Harvard Shop through Harvard Student Agencies, managing an annual budget of $1.5M. She also has a passion for education and sits on the board of an education non-profi t, Wema Inc., in Kenya. She founded Six Foods at the age of 22 (after eating a scorpion in China). Business Insider named Six Foods as one of the top ten startups changing the future of food, and they have one of the most funded food kickstarters to date. Rose is a graduate of Harvard College and plans to matriculate to Harvard Business School in 2018 as a part of the 2+2 program.

    Twitter: @Brosenoes | Website:

  • Ngaire Blankenberg
    Ngaire Blankenberg

    Ngaire Blankenberg is internationally recognized for her work planning innovative museums and revitalizing urban spaces. She is co-author of Cities, Museums and Soft Power (2015), which urges museums to play a more vital role in creating equitable, inclusive and empowering cities. She is co-founder of the Museum of AIDS in Africa a pan-African project which collects, preserves, interprets and remembers the history and impact of AIDS on the continent. As European Director and Principal Consultant at Lord Cultural Resources, the world‘s largest museum and cultural professional practice, Ngaire advises museums, the private sector and governments throughout the world on ways to develop their cultural assets for public benefit.

    Website: | LinkedIn: Ngaire Blankenberg

  • André Wilkens
    André Wilkens

    André Wilkens is a social entrepreneur and author from Berlin who works on European and international a airs, equality, climate change as well as for a more human digital world.

    His recent book Analog ist das neue Bio (Analogue is the new Organic) explores our wonderful and crazy digital lives, it considers the risks and side e ects of digital, analogue alternatives, and what needs to be done so that our digital society remains human.

    During his career, André has worked as Chief Strategist for Stiftung Mercator in Berlin, Director of the Open Society Institute in Brussels, Head of Strategic Communication for UNHCR in Geneva, Director for Public Policy Communication in Brussels and Turin.

    André is an initiator and founding member of the European Council for Foreign Relations, and the founding Director of the Roma Initiative. He is also a board member of Tactical Tech Cooperative.

    Twitter: @AndreWilkens | Website:

  • Marco Maas
    Marco Maas

    Marco Maas has been working as a freelance journalist and entrepreneur in Hamburg and Berlin since 1999. As such, he was involved in the develop- ment of the “ZDF-Parlameter”, which won the Grimme Online Award. He also received the CNN Journalist Award for the G8 coverage on

    Marco is also a managing partner and data journalist at OpenDataCity, an agency for data journalism and data visualization.The agency has won several national and international awards.

    Twitter: @themaastrix | Website:

  • Fred Jansen
    Fred Jansen

    Fred Jansen studied astrophysics at Amsterdam University, Netherlands. He participated in a Leiden/MIT program, which launched a balloon borne set of X-ray detectors observing the universe. After his PhD, on a thesis of X-ray observations of supernova remnants (the hot and bright remains of exploded stars), he worked on the development of one of the X-ray instru- ments for the XMM-Newton observatory.

    In 1995 he joined the European Space Agency and was appointed project scientist for this mission shortly afterwards. Following the launches of the Mars Express and Venus Express missions he also became mission manager for these projects.

    Fred was Rosetta mission manager of from June 2013 until February 2015. This period covered the hibernation exit, comet approach, landing and post-landing operations periods.

    Twitter: @redplanet00 | LinkedIn: Fred Jansen

  • Andras Vamos-Goldman
    Andras Vamos-Goldman

    As a son of parents who endured the Holocaust, Andras Vamos-Goldman has been on a mission to turn “Justice Denied” for victims of mass atroci- ties into “Justice Achieved”. Andras’ vision is for the investigation of mass atrocities to be done as quickly and professionally as the investigation of any ordinary domestic crime.

    In pursuit of this vision, Andras helped to create, and is the Executive Director of Justice Rapid Response (JRR). JRR is a standard-setting multi-stakeholder facility that recruits, trains and deploys criminal justice professionals from all over the world to investigate mass atrocities. Since becoming operational in 2009, JRR has certi ed over 500 professionals to its rapidly deployable roster and has supported 50 investigations of the worst crimes known to humanity.

    A relentless social entrepreneur, an international lawyer and Canadian diplo- mat, Andras’ involvement with international criminal justice includes playing an instrumental role in the establishment of the Sierra Leone Special Court and working on the creation of the International Criminal Court.

    Twitter: @VamosGoldman | Website:

  • Ricky Burdett
    Ricky Burdett

    Ricky Burdett is Professor of Urban Studies and director of LSE Cities and the Urban Age Programme. He is Visiting Professor in Urban Planning and Design at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, as well as a member of the UK Government’s Independent Airports Commission and a member of Council of the Royal College of Art in London. Burdett was Global Distinguished Professor at New York University from 2010 – 2014. He has been involved in regeneration projects across Europe and was Chief Adviser on Architecture and Urbanism for the London 2012 Olympics and architec- tural adviser to the Mayor of London from 2001 to 2006. He is a judge in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities initiative and is a member of the Hurricane Sandy Regional Planning and Design Competition organised by US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Burdett was also a member of the Urban Task Force which produced a major report for the UK government on the future of English cities. He is co-editor of The Endless City (2007), Living in the Endless City (2011) and Transforming Urban Economies (2013) and editor of Innovation in Europe’s Cities (2015).

    Twitter: @BURDETTR

  • Bruce Katz
    Bruce Katz

    Bruce J. Katz is a vice president at the Brookings Institution and found- ing director of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program. He is also the co-author of The Metropolitan Revolution (2013) which argues that cities and metropolitan areas are not only the engines of national economies but also the vanguard of economic policy innovation.

    Katz regularly advises federal, state, regional and municipal leaders on policy reforms that advance the competitiveness of metropolitan areas. After the 2008 presidential election, he co-led the housing and urban issues transition team for the Obama administration and served as a senior advisor to new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Shaun Donovan, for the rst 100 days of the administration.

    In 2006, he received the prestigious Heinz Award in Public Policy for his contributions to the understanding of the “function and values of cities and metropolitan areas and profoundly in uencing their economic vitality, livability and sustainability.”

    Twitter: @bruce_katz | LinkedIn: Bruce Katz

  • Ana Pereira Roders
    Ana Pereira Roders

    Ana Pereira Roders is a theoretical architect working at the intersection of architecture, urban planning, law, environmental management and computer sciences. She wants to rewrite urban theory, to reveal how e ciently cities can use their resources, in relation to standards and values. Her latest work uses UNESCO World Heritage nominations in urban settings, to discuss im- pact evaluation of policies and projects, based on their conservation status. Protected Urban Planet is a step towards more ambitious goals, enabling real-time big data analytics and co-authorship of urban theory.

    Pereira Roders is Assistant Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, and the founding co-editor of the Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development.

    Twitter: @anaproders | LinkedIn: Ana Pereira Roders

  • Martin Powell
    Martin Powell

    Martin Powell is the Head of Urban Development within Siemens Global Centre of Competence for Cities. This involves working with mayors and leaders providing advice and support to those cities as they strive to meet tough economic, social and environmental targets and looking at economic and technical models of delivering solutions at scale.

    Martin was previously the Mayoral Advisor on the Environment to the current Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. As Executive Director of Environment he also had responsibility for delivery of London’s Environmental Projects and Programmes.

    As Managing Director of Cambridge Management & Research, an organisa- tion working with a number of cities, Martin was a Special Advisor to The C40 Cities Group, chaired by former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.

    Martin is co-author of Our Urban Future and Better Cities, Better Life.

    Twitter: @MartinPowell14

  • Priya Prakash
    Priya Prakash

    Priya Prakash is a serial change agent, entrepreneur and founder of London based D4SC - Design for Social Change.

    The applied product innovation studio specializes in collaborative urban systems combining human and machine intelligence.

    In 2014, she was listed ‘Tech City Insider 100’, IBM’s People for Smarter Cities and featured in BBC, Wired, Outlook India. D4SC’s products have won The Smart City World Expo Showcase, Innovate UK’s Connected Cities Challenge and got shortlisted for Zumbtobel’s Applied Innovation.

    Prior to D4SC, Priya was Head of Mobile Phone User Experience at Nokia. She led the global design team to launch Nokia Asha in 144 countries turning mobile phones to a ordable smart phones. At BBC, she was lead-designer and co-inventor of iPlayer with joint patents.

    Since 2001, her innovations have changed industries radically across media, publishing, telecom and retail. Her focus now is on reimagining smart cities.

    Priya is visiting professor at Syracuse University, RCA, UCL and LSE and advises early stage iOT & smart tech startups.

    Twitter: @priyascape | Website: 

  • Vincent Forster
    Vincent Forster

    Dr. Vincent Forster is the CEO and Co-Founder of Versantis, a preclinical stage pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. Versantis develops
    a versatile detoxi cation therapy. His research in the eld of drug delivery taught him the art of formulating and conveying pharmaceuticals. His recent work has been focused on the development of a universal antidote to drugs and to remove them from overdosed patients. Speci cally, he developed a revolutionary peritoneal dialysis approach for the detoxi cation of body wastes and toxic chemicals.

    LinkedIn: Vincent Forster | Website:

  • Marjo Kyllönen
    Marjo Kyllönen

    Since 2004, Dr. Marjo Kyllönen is the Education Manager at the General Education division in Helsinki.

    After defending her doctoral thesis on Future School and Leadership in 2011, she further developed the concept of future school and its role and prospect in society.

    At her current position she is responsible for various areas of basic education, such as curriculum matters and development, pupils participation, special education and multicultural issues.

    Twitter: @MarjoKyllonen | LinkedIn:önen-22a26392/

  • Rasa Weber
    Rasa Weber

    Rasa Weber is a designer and researcher currently working and living in Berlin. She is one of the founders and designers of Studio Blond and Bieber, a cooperation with designer Essi Johanna Glomb, which meets on the border between textile and product design, and currently working at the Interdiscipli- nary Laboratory “Bild Wissen Gestaltung” of the Humboldt University Berlin. Her work is based upon material research in cooperation with scienti c insti- tutions (such as Fraunhofer Institute or Schlafakademie Berlin / Charité) and a narrative perspective on design.

    LinkedIn: | Website:

  • Dhairya Dand
    Dhairya Dand

    Dhairya Dand is a research assistant at the MIT Media Lab. Inspired by myths, superhumans, the human mind and his personal experiences, his work explores augmenting senses, intellect, surfaces and objects to create novel ways of interacting and making sense of the world. His work is situated in the belief that human well-being in an increasingly computational world can be achieved at the intersection of thoughtful design, innovative engineer- ing and radical paradigms.

    In the past he made educational toys from eWaste at the CUTE center, emo- tional robots at Keio, historical art at EYEBEAM, communication devices for autistic kids at IDC, examined internet and its e ect on democracy at Harvard, created new map interfaces at Google.

    His work has been featured in TIME, WIRED, MIT Tech Review, Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, Discovery, MAKE and other print and online media and exhibited at MIT, The Other Victoria and Albert, Singapore Arts Festival among other venues. His research has been published at CHI, TEI, UIST and other HCI conferences.

    LinkedIn: Dhairya Dand | Website:


  • Rhonda

    How brilliant were the good old days...The Star Club and Indra in Hamburg, The Cavern in Liverpool; cool beat music everywhere. Some listened to the American soul pioneers Marvin Gaye and Curtis May eld, others grooved to the rst big English beat bands. They met up in clubs in cellars and lived for the moment. Everyone wore lanky cotton trousers, cheeky haircuts and pointy leather boots. The feelings of a whole generation were re ected in the music, where rock ‘n‘ roll, soul music and cool rhythms merged with chinking guitars and sizzling organs. These days are over? No way! It’s coming back like never before - and where’s the best place to re-live it? Yep, Hamburg, Germany.

    The quintet Rhonda didn’t form until March 2012 but a rise such as theirs has seldom been made by any other German band. All ve musicians are no be- ginners and have played in well known indie bands, such as, for example The Trashmonkeys. But only now have they found their true calling; a fresh, retro, but by no means dusty, mix of Amy Winehouse, Du y, Adele, Dusty Spring eld, The Ronettes and Detroit Cobras with melodies you’ll just love to dance to.


  • Omer Klein
    Omer Klein

    Omer Klein is an exciting, daring pianist. He dazzles masterfully between textures and dynamics, dancing between seemingly-unrelated musical worlds.

    Klein’s solo program includes music from his new release Fearless Friday, on-the-spot improvisations, and surprising covers.

    Omer tours extensively around the world as leader of the Omer Klein Trio and as a solo pianist. He released six albums to great international acclaim. He grew up in Israel, where he is considered “One of the most fascinating artists who have emerged from this country in the last decade” (City Mouse Tel Aviv).

    Klein is the winner of numerous awards, including the Förderpreis für Musik 2013, awarded by the city of Düsseldorf.

    Twitter: @omerklein | Website:


10am -11am Registration
11am - 1pm Session 1
Rose Wang How to face fears and eat what bugs you
Ngaire Blankenberg How you can activate the soft power of your museums
André Wilkens Is analogue the new organic?
Marco Maas The news will find you - the question is how
Fred Jansen Rosetta: The essence and excitement of Rocket Science
Andras Vamos-Goldman Turning Justice Denied into Justice Achieved
1pm - 2pm Lunch Break
2pm - 4pm Session 2
Ricky Burdett Retrofitting London: an Olympic legacy
Bruce Katz Metropolitan Revolution
Ana Pereira Roders How cities become resource efficient
Martin Powell Rescuing our cities in Time and Space!
Priya Prakash Citizen++
Rhonda Performance
4pm - 4.30pm Coffee Break
4.30pm - 6.15pm Session 3
Vincent Forster Universal antidotes: we can do better than burnt toasts!
Marjo Kyllönen Redesigning education for the future
Omer Klein Performance
Rasa Weber The unexpected role of algae for our future
Dhairya Dand 'Love, See, Do. Repeat'




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