TEDxHamburg 2017 Rock the Boat

TEDxHamburg returned for the 7th time to Hamburg. We live in a rapidly changing world, in a time of transitions and challenges, that many of us find increasingly complex and difficult to handle. It takes guts, passion and stamina to navigate these times, to be empowered, to insist in change and to disrupt the status quo. To rock the boat. More


TEDxHamburg 2016 Disurption & Going forward

TEDxHamburg kicked off this year with a TEDxHamburgSalon on the topic of Disruption. In June 2016, TEDxHamburg returned to the Laeiszhalle for the yearly conference. This year's topic was "Pause. Forward.". To relive some of the great moment and talks click the following link. More.


TEDxHamburg 2015 Exploring New Territories

TEDxHamburg explored new territories in June 2015 and took the attendees on a journey to explore insights in the latest developments and future trends in different areas of social life and scientific advancement. This conference was about unexpected discoveries and disruptive innovations that will change our thinking and living and showed the multiple ways how culture, art, economy and science are deeply entangled and interact today to change our living conditions in the future. More.


TEDxHamburg 2014 Urban Connectors

According to the dictionary definition, to connect means „to join or fasten together usually by something intervening“, whereas that something refers to the connector, or the object doing the connecting. Connectors can range from molecules in chemistry, over electronic devices in technology to a person fostering connection through their social activity. More.


Review TEDxHamburg 2013

How can we create cities that are innovative, soulful and thriving? TEDxHamburg "City 2.0" attempted to answer this question on a global scale. Ideas are the new rock 'n' roll and with half of the world's population living in cities, the future is a key issue. Read more here.


Review TEDxHamburg Talks 2011

Facing reality today means confronting multiple realities which spread across a wide spectrum of everything imaginable and beyond. The way these realities manifest themselves have both local and global outcomes. TEDxHamburg investigated and explored the various realities and contexts in which they can be rebuilt. Read more here.


Review TEDxHamburg Talks 2010

Rebooting the future – On May 27th, eleven live speakers and three TED video Talks definitely gave life to these three words with their memorable presentations. The speakers proved that an idea is like a spark and can ignite greatness: you just have to be brave enough to actually voice it. Read more here.


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