TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Paul Hilder

Paul Hilder

Paul Hilder is the Vice-President of Global Campaigns at Change.org, the world's fastest-growing platform for social action that allows anyone, anywhere to start, join and win campaigns. He led its global growth to more than 30 million users and 18 countries over the last two years. Born in Silicon Valley, Change.org has become one of the most successful social businesses in the world. Paul is also co-founder and board director of the network movement 38 Degrees. Previously he was Director of Campaigns at Oxfam GB, Campaign Director of avaaz and a co-founder of international affairs website openDemocracy.net. Paul has worked on democracy, conflict resolution, governance and civil society organising in the UK and around the world, including with the Young Foundation. He is the author of Contentious Citizens (2007), a book-length study of people-powered campaigning.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Christian Berkel

Christian Berkel
Christian Berkel

With his distinctive demeanor and his characteristic appearance, Berlin actor Christian Berkel easily leaves an imprint on his audience, whether through his multiple roles in cinema productions or through his role as “The Criminalist” in the TV series with the same name. He received the Golden Camera for his transformation ability and his impressive enactment of the role of Helmut Schmidt in the film “Mogadischu”. Among an international crowd he is known for playing side by side with Tom Cruise in the film “Inglorious Basterds” with Quentin Tarantino. For his role in the German cult series Tatort: “Schwarzer Advent” Christian Berkel was awarded with the Golden Gong in 1998. He received the “Bambi” in 2004 for his role in “Der Untergang” and also received the Bambi- public award for his role in the two-part TV film “Der Mann mit dem Fagott”. At the film festival FANTASPOA he was honored as the best actor for the film “Der letzte Angestellte”. In 2012 he received the German television award in the category for multiple-part films. Finally, Christian Berkel is patron of the foundation “A place for children”.

At TEDxHamburg, Christian Berkel will collaborate with Dekel Bor and perform a new piece. 


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Dekel Bor

Dekel Bor

Dekel Bor, composer, guitarist and bandleader, is a 34 year-old phenomenon who has taken the jazz world by storm for his highly original and captivating musical vision and performances.

His long term collaboration with legendary music producer Robert Sadin has produced an album entitled "Emuna" and an EP "Home". Widely heralded by global press for his inspired performances, Dekel has performed in major festivals and concert venues across the US and Europe with the elite of the international jazz world.

Dekel produces a new series of collaborations at the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra - concerts and events spanning genre and media, with special guest stars. With an always-eager curiosity to experience music on all it’s possibilities, Dekel has collaborated with NYC star choreographer David Parsons, various pop and rock stars and the cutting-edge Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. In the past 3 years Dekel has performed the music of J.S. Bach in the project "Bach Electrified", performing at major festivals in Europe, as well as playing the music of jazz icon John Coltrane, with TV specials in the US & Canada, Germany and Israel.

At TEDxHamburg, Dekel Bor will perform a new piece with Christian Berkel.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Erine Gray

Erine Gray
Erine Gray

Erine Gray founded Aunt Bertha - a search engine that makes it easy for people to find food, health, housing and education programs in the United States. Aunt Bertha’s mission is to make human service program information more accessible to both people and programs. Erine is a 2014 TED Fellow and a 2012 Unreasonable Institute Fellow.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Katherine Zeserson

Katherine Zeserson
Katherine Zeserson

Since 2002 Katherine Zeserson has been Director of „Learning and Participation“ for Sage Gateshead, responsible for the strategic design, direction and implementation of its ambitious, internationally acclaimed "Learning and Participation" program. She has a national reputation as a trainer, music animateur and educator, having led programs in a notably wide range of community, educational and social contexts; from pre-school settings to post-graduate and professional development training programs.

She has taught vocal skills, music theatre, improvisation, elements of world music, community arts theory and practice at HE and post-graduate level; designed and run animateur and teacher development programs for many local authorities; designed and led staff and leadership development programs for the cultural sector, third sector and businesses. She has held several arts-in-education residencies, working with both primary and secondary age children.

Recent publications include chapters in "Debates in Music Education", "Making Music in the Primary School" and "A Practical Guide to Teaching Music in the Secondary School".  She is working towards a Professional Doctorate focusing on the interplay between quality, inclusivity and innovation in Sage Gateshead’s emergence as a ground-breaking cultural learning organization. She performs regularly with a cappella vocal ensembles Mouthful and Human Music.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Jörg Reckhenrich

Jörg Reckhenrich
Jörg Reckhenrich

Jörg Reckhenrich is an artist and adjunct professor for Innovation Management at the Antwerp Management School. He has a passion to bring the creative principles of art to the organizational world. He believes that we can unfold our creative potential better and become artists, working with other people, if we sense and shape relationships very much as a space.

Through his work as a consultant, he helps organizations to implement creative strategies within organizations. Recently he developed a “Creative Lab” for a pharmaceutical company to explore patient-centric innovations.

Jörg Reckhenrich is a member of the faculty at the Lorange Institute Switzerland and also visiting lecturer at IMD Lausanne, ESMT Berlin and London Business School. He was named as one of the ‘Top 25 Management Thinkers of the year’ by the management journal Business Strategy Review and the Financial Times (London) mentioned his articles. He has published widely on his approach. His book -- The Fine Art of Success -- was published by the Wiley in Spring 2011.

For an example for one of his art projects visit the following site: Inflammables


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Katina Sostmann

Katina Sostmann

Katina Sostmann has been working as a product-, process- and interaction designer in an academic and commercial context for more than seven years. Since the completion of her studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin, Katina works as a freelance designer in the areas of user-centered product and interaction design for international clients from different sectors. From 2009 to 2011 she worked as the project director of design for ART+COM. With the help of interdisciplinary teams she realized projects such as exhibitions, representations and visitor’s centers as integrated, holistic productions. Alongside her freelancing commitment, she has been teaching and researching since 2008. She works as an artist assistant to the project group for interactive systems headed by professor Burkhard Schmitz, which operates in the area of tension between digital and physical design. Simultaneously she also works as a visiting professor at the CdK in Hangzhou, China in the courses industrial design and visual communication. Since 2013, Katina holds the position as the design lead of IXDS.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Van Bo Le-Mentzel

Van Bo Le-Mentzel

Van Bo Le-Mentzel has a thesis: People would work more efficiently, more creatively and more innovatively if you free them from any constraints. What would people do with their lifetime if they don’t need to go to work anymore for money reasons? In this talk Le-Mentzel will introduce the D-Scholarship, a new form of scholarship based on crowdfunding. 

As the inititator of a movement called "Build more buy less" ("Konstruieren statt konsumieren") Le-Mentzel has started up a global furniture production (Hartz IV Möbel), house fabrication and even sneakers production with the help of hundreds of people he knew through Facebook. They all worked as volunteers and without any constraints. With the D-Scholarship Le-Mentzel is seeking new economical values of labour.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Kilian Kleinschmidt

Kilian Kleinschmidt

Kilian Kleinschmidt has more than 25 years hands-on experience in international development, emergency response, resource mobilization as well as political and regional cooperation in a wide range of organizations such as the UN and numerous NGOs. He also has 7 years of private sector experience in the construction sector.

His senior roles include his current position as manager for the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan, which is the largest Camp for Syrian Refugees. In previous assignments he served as a Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, a Deputy Representative for UNHCR in Kenya and a Deputy to the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Assistance to Pakistan. The list of assignments in which he served is extensive, their locations have ranged from South Sudan, Somalia and Congo, over Sri Lanka and Kenya to Bosnia. 

He is skilled in managing complex operations and programs in sensitive environments and is solutions driven and experienced in inter-governmental, inter-organizational and cross-cutting cooperations. He has extensive experience in donor relations and resource mobilization with both the public and the private sector, as well as community mobilization, logistics, program and policy development.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Sascha Haselmayer

Sascha Haselmayer
Sascha Haselmayer

Sascha Haselmayer is the the CEO of Citymart.com. He trained at the Architectural Association and in 2003 co-founded Citymart.com (previously Living Labs Global), a non-profit association working with 82 leading global cities; leading global research institutes; and 1,200 innovative companies with a commitment to innovation and advancements in digital services in cities.

Haselmayer co-founded Interlace-Invent, advising on science & technology, socio- economic and development strategies in cities such as Barcelona, Shanghai, the Government of Thailand and several Taiwanese cities, as well as leading global universities, investors and trans-national organizations.

Haselmayer has lectured widely and co-authored two books on service innovation in cities, markets and new approaches to public procurement. Haselmayer is recognized as a social innovator and entrepreneur through an Ashoka Fellowship and by being a selected member of the Clinton Global Initiative and on the Advisory Board of the UN Global Compact Cities Programme.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Tanga Elektra

Tanga Elektra

Tanga Elektra is connecting extremes:

Streets and clubs, ecstasy and serenity, dalliance and seriousness, complex melodies and hard rhythms, acoustic instruments and a loop station.

Two Brothers. One Soul.

Being successful with soul music in Berlin, the capital of electronic music? That’s only possible if you can trump it up with creativity and authenticity. Two brave brothers from a small town in north Germany take on a big adventure in the big city jungle playing concerts from club to club and demonstrate the audience how to dance and rave to soul music.

The duo is creating a unique sound containing neo soul, electro and funk elements only with violin, drums and singing.

Tanga Elektra has played several festivals all over Germany, toured through Italy, Brazil, Switzerland and Austria and now the band is coming to TEDx in Hamburg.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Anja Fiedler

Anja Fiedler

Anja Fiedler detects food treasures in the city and shows how easy it is to do something good for yourself and for the future through food. For her projects - "Stadt macht satt - ernte die Stadt" (engl.: "Food for the City - Harvest the City") and "Apfelschätze" ("Appletreasures") she works a lot with children - who make for the perfect actors and visionaries when it comes to a sustainable future. Anja Fiedler is an artist, a cultural manager and a social entrepreneur. She positions her work at the interface of art, society and economy. Her credo: to connect different people in order to create new views, ideas and synergies. She forms new fields of experience and ideas that create an appetite for finding new manners of handling resources, a different kind of economizing and a new way of living.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Jennifer Wood

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer Wood

Jennifer Wood’s commitment to Holocaust history and human rights was sparked when she was fourteen years old, and the son of a Holocaust survivor spoke to her class about his mother’s survival. She followed her interests to Dachau where she worked for three years in the former concentration camp (also called a memorial site) as an educator and public historian. More about her personal story: http://dachauisalsoatown.wordpress.com

Jennifer is passionate about young people learning from the authentic sites where the Nazi genocide took place and believes that supporting teachers in this work is essential. In addition to learning about the history, Jennifer actively explores how kindness and empathy can be cultivated as a response to: it should never happen again, but what can I do? More on her workshops and teacher support: http://visitmemorials.wordpress.com


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Giacomo "Piraz" Pirazzoli

Giacomo "Piraz" Pirazzoli
Giacomo "Piraz" Pirazzoli

Giacomo "Piraz" Pirazzoli is an architect PhD. He graduated with honours at the School of Architecture, University of Florence and then carried on research activity at the Fondation Le Corbusier in Paris, while at the same time practicing at Christian De Portzamparc's Pritzker Prize office. Based in Florence and Milan, he designed several buildings, museums and exhibitions (some awarded and published) in Italy and abroad, often in collaboration with other firms. He was a committee member at the European Architects Council, Brussels and in 2000 became an associate professor at the University of Florence, on behalf of which he served as a joint project coordinator in Albania. He has been appointed the President of the Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, as well as the President of the Foundation for Art Studies belonging to the same Academy. As a member of the PhD School Committee on Architectural Design, he later served as the founder chairman at the iCad_International Course on Architectural Design at the University of Florence. He coordinated the National Interdisciplinary Research Workshop "Site Specific Museums" and he actually chairs CrossingLab.com_Crossing Research On Site Specific, Innovation, Globalisation, the think-tank which recently produced "GreenUP - a Smart City" cross-media research.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Geraldine de Bastion

Geraldine de Bastion
Geraldine de Bastion

Geraldine de Bastion is a freelance international consultant with a multicultural background based in Berlin, Germany. She is an expert oninformation and communication technology and new media for development and advises organizations such as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit on digital media and communication strategies. She also works with activists and bloggers around the world. Geraldine is founder of the consultancy Konnektiv GbR. She also works as a free curator and moderator for re:publica, Europe's largest conference on the Internet and society and other international events. Geraldine has an honorary position as head of board at the German NGO Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. and is an active member of iceBauhaus e.V.


TEDxHamburg "Urban Connectors" Jennifer Aksu

Jennifer Aksu
Jennifer Aksu

Jennifer Aksu has a background in Theatre Science and Communication. Coming from the humanities but enjoying tough and creative accountings she works as a production manager for the arts in Berlin. Though she never really played computer games - except for „Quake“ with three friends on a single keyboard - she is part of the Berlin based artist collective Invisible Playground since 2010, because she believes there is more to games than an escape into a computer. Invisible Playground designs playful systems that remix the connections between people, the environments they inhabit, and the technology they use. The collective realizes projects on different scales – from lightweight design workshops and play-testing events to elaborate transmedia productions, in Berlin and around the world.


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