TEDxHamburg "All we need is..." Speaker Jessica Berlin

Jessica Berlin

Jessica Berlin is a public-private sector strategy advisor with a knack for turning ideas into reality. As founder and Managing Director of CoStruct, a Berlin-based strategy consultancy, she connects dots and fills gaps between public, private, and nonprofit sector approaches to sustainable development. Her work is grounded in 11+ years in security, foreign policy, economic development, and tech entrepreneurship in Africa, Asia, Europe, MENA, and the US. Jessica is also co-founder of Die Brückenbauer (‘Bridge Builders’), a nonprofit initiative fostering transatlantic exchange and socioeconomic inclusion of marginalized communities in Europe and North America. She holds an M.Sc. in Political Economy of Emerging Markets from King’s College London, a B.A. in International Relations from Tufts University, and speaks five languages.

TWITTER: @berlin_bridge | WEBSITE: www.costruct.co


TEDxHamburg "All we need is..." Speaker Reza Pakravan

Reza Pakravan

Reza Pakravan is a filmmaker, adventurer and author. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and listed amongst the world’s top 20 most seasoned travellers.

His documentaries, talks and books have taken audiences on his epic journeys to some of the most remote corners of the world. He has presented and produced prime time TV series aired worldwide on networks such as the BBC, Channel 4, Fox, Aljazeera, CBC and SRF. 

Originally from Iran, Reza’s constant thirst for adventure has earned him the Guinness World Record for crossing the Sahara Desert by bicycle. Pushing his ultra endurance limits further, he cycled the 11,000-mile length of the planet from north to south in the record time of 102 days.  

Much of Reza’s recent work has focused on the issues faced by remote, indigenous peoples. He is currently a featured contributor to The Outdoor Journal and Adventure.com.

WEBSITE: www.RezaPakravan.com


TEDxHamburg "All we need is..." Speaker Jillian York

Jilian York

Jillian C. York is a writer and activist whose work examines the impact of technology on our societal and cultural values. Based in Berlin, she is the Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a fellow at the Center for Internet & Human Rights at the European University Viadrina. She is currently writing a book.

TWITTER: @jilliancyork | WEBSITE: www.jilliancyork.com


TEDxHamburg "All we need is..." Speaker Paul Bethke

Paul Bethke

Paul Bethke is the founder of the beverage project „Lemonaid” and „ChariTea”. Paul grew up in Hamburg. When he was 16 he got tired of not getting answers to fundamental questions. As a result he left Europe in 1997 and moved to Sri Lanka. At the time the island was a civil war prone area with extreme contrast. Living in this completely different place without family, he explored a new world. The place and people and new friends inspired him to follow a different path.

He decided to enter the lion´s den and study psychology and economics in the UK, Germany and later Fance. He finished his studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris, heatedly discussing international economics with renowned professors such as nobel prize winner Edmund Phelps.

After studies Paul wanted to see what the international aid organisations were doing in order to support other nations and their people. After a short glimpse into the world of international aid, Paul quit and left the GIZ (the German development aid agency) and in 2009 went on to found his company, Lemon Aid and ChariTea, which supports charitable projects around the globe and which has been awared numerous prizes for it’s take on the business world.

When not at the office Paul studies different topics from philosophical and religious issues to scientific discoveries in the world of physics.



TEDxHamburg "All we need is..." Speaker Joana Osman

Joana Osman

Peace activist and writer Joana Osman was born in 1982 as the daughter of a Palestinian father and a German mother. Since her family has been severely affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, she has always felt the urge to work in peace activism and intercultural dialogue. For her work in the viral social media project, the Peace Factory (www.peacefactory.org) she developed a concept of intercultural writing workshops that evokes empathy and mutual understanding between people who find themselves on different sides of a political conflict. Joana works a storytelling coach, writer and mediator. She is currently living near Munich, Germany.

FACEBOOK: @palestinelovesisrael.peacefactory


TEDxHamburg "All we need is..." Speaker Cordelia Röders-Arnold

Cordelia Röders-Arnold

Cordelia is a marketeer at heart, who made her career within the major FMCG players. At some point, growth, scale and money weren't motivation enough: With the tools and skills she collected over the past years, she decided to use them for a social cause, that she felt needed her even more: She said adieu to the corporate world to join einhorn, a fairstainable start-up in Berlin - and started the period revolution. She conducted the nation’s biggest period survey ever with 20.000 participants and knows how Germany menstruates.

The results shocked her and keep her working on her biggest mission: Bringing power to the period!


WEBSITE: www.einhorn.my I INSTAGRAM: @einhorn.period


TEDxHamburg "All we need is..." Speaker Jana Boulus

Jana Boulus

Jana has worked alongside the founders of Humanity Crew to strengthen its grassroots initiative which focuses on providing mental health support to people in crisis. Jana is proud to manage the programming for an organization which was founded by Palestinians of `48 and which in itself embodies the self-help mentality that is often lacking in the Middle East where conflict and frustration have left many people stranded and unable to devise a strategy that can promise a better future. 

Alongside her work at Humanity Crew, Jana practices photography and has received national awards and exhibited internationally. She finds photography to be her only means of expressing the myriad of feelings and conflicting forces that shape her life as a Palestinian Christian who grew up behind a check-point in East Jerusalem. 

Previously, Jana was a fellow at The International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence at King’s College London. She has worked to support the protection of human rights and to better her community through a variety of initiatives and organizations, most notably Human Rights Watch and Adalah. Jana is driven to continue working on the empowerment of her community, and the advancement of Palestinian aspirations for justice, self determination, and freedom.

WEBSITE: www.humanitycrew.org


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