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Sivan Talmor
Sivan Talmor

Sivan Talmor is a singer & songwriter from Israel. In recent years Sivan had built a name for herself in Israel as one of the most unique voices in the Israeli music scene. After collaborating with many Israeli artists and releasing music in Hebrew for her Israeli crowd, in 2016 Sivan started releasing music in English and reaching out fans from around the world.

Her 1st album “Fire” produced by Ori Winokur (Producer of Asaf Avidan & The Mojos) was released by the small German label "Bauer Studios" and received great responses from critics and fans alike.

Sivan is now about to release her 2nd album called “Immigrants Of Lace” (Also produced by Ori Winokur), the album is a mixture of musical influences (Pop, Jazz, Rock) and personal experiences from Sivan’s life, being a musician, a mother & a strong independent woman.

These days Sivan and her band are touring Germany and Israel and releasing new singles, so far “Falling” & “Dancing” are released and the full album will be released in February 2019.

INSTAGRAM: @sivantalmor | WEBSITE: www.sivantalmor.com


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Leona Berlin

Musically Leona Berlin packs her view of the world into atmospherically dense neo soul with jazzy influences and poppy structures, with additional traces of R’n’B, soul and hip-hop. The Süddeutsche Zeitung summed it up after one of her concerts in Munich: “As a singer she masters everything you need for soul: a crystal-clear voice that is also powerful and strong, with the necessary shot of blackness and toughness. As needed, she uses a blues timbre, funk-shout or pop vocals, always flawlessly intoned and perfectly phrased.” What this means specifically can be felt in every single note of every single song of her debut album Leona Berlin. She says: “My songs are about me, my outlook on life, my feelings and experiences – and the issues, difficulties and discoveries related to these. I would like to give the listener the freedom to delve in as deeply as they want and to take away as much as they want, without forcing anything on anybody.”

Her debut album LEONA BERLIN incl. FREENOTHING COMPARES 2 UTHINKING ABOUT YOU was presented live at The Peppermint Club Los Angeles, A-Trane Berlin and just released by Warner Music.

WEBSITE: leonaberlin.com

INSTAGRAM: @leonaberlin

FACEBOOK: @leonaberlinmusic


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